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Honesty and trust tested in Atlantic Canada

In a bid to prove that standards of honesty, trust and fairness are alive and well in Atlantic Canada, credit unions undertook a creative guerrilla marketing campaign to test these values.

Atlantic Central, which represents 47 credit unions, placed 12 “lost” wallets — containing receipts, bus tickets, a credit union debit card, about $100 cash and a contact number — in public spaces across the region last December. Out of the 12 wallets, nine were returned, each of them containing all the cash. The finders were allowed to keep the cash and the credit union made a donation to a charity of their choice, said Jennifer Murray, director, Brand Marketing for Atlantic Canada. “Honesty, trust and fairness are fundamentally a part of who we are as a region and as credit unions, these values are in our DNA, too,” Murray stated in a media release.

Atlantic Central created a video about the initiative and posted it to YouTube. The video is the latest addition to Atlantic credit unions’ brand campaign,, which offers financial advice on such things as buying a home, RRSPs versus TFSAs, as well as how to cope with job loss and divorce. ◊