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Enjoy quick hits of news on issues that matter to credit unions in Canada

Business / Finance /  • Nov 2013
Ontario proposes reserve fund increase

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario issues strategy paper for a larger fund to pay depositors when a credit union has financial difficulty.

Business / Community Development /  • Nov 2013
Provinces back social enterprise business model

Ontario and British Columbia have recently taken steps to support social enterprises – organizations that use business techniques for social purposes.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Teachers and North Peace allow electronic signatures

Two credit unions have given their members the ability to open an account or secure a loan without having to visit a branch.

Business /  • Sep 2013
Desjardins called too big to fail

Systemically important institutions must have enhanced oversight.

Business /  • Sep 2013
Two centrals partner for careers

SaskCentral and Central 1 launch national job-hunting site for credit unions.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
CUCC introduces information portal

A new database has been created for compliance monitoring.

Banking / Governance /  • Sep 2013
New banking competitor approved

Canadian First will provide one-stop shopping convenience through its locally owned financial centres.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Top tweeters

The Financial Brand tallies the credit unions most active in 140 characters.

Finance /  • Sep 2013
Seniors swamped in debt

Fifty-nine per cent of retired Canadians hold debt, according to a Harris/Decima study.

Mergers /  • Sep 2013
New bilingual organization to represent Canadian co-ops

Cooperatives and Mutuals Canada to take over the domestic mandates of both the CCA and the CCCM.

Economics /  • Jul 2013
No spring in the housing market

Federal government restrictions on mortgage borrowing will slow new home building.

Finance /  • Jul 2013
Consumers bullish on debt

A study reports that the average Canadian debt sitting at more than 160 percent of disposable income.

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