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Enjoy quick hits of news on issues that matter to credit unions in Canada

Finance /  • Nov 2013
Financial literacy efforts have limited impact, study says

An international academic study has found that financial literacy education doesn’t help most people much.

Finance / Technology /  • Nov 2013
RBC moves mobile payments to its cloud

RBC has announced the RBC Secure Cloud mobile payments service that will allow clients to more securely pay for purchases using their mobile devices.

Business /  • Nov 2013
North Shore turns Blue, Libro/United retain Libro name

What’s in a name? In recent years many credit unions have tinkered with their brands – now three large credit unions have decided to make changes.

Business / Finance /  • Nov 2013
Ontario proposes reserve fund increase

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario issues strategy paper for a larger fund to pay depositors when a credit union has financial difficulty.

Business / Community Development /  • Nov 2013
Provinces back social enterprise business model

Ontario and British Columbia have recently taken steps to support social enterprises – organizations that use business techniques for social purposes.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Teachers and North Peace allow electronic signatures

Two credit unions have given their members the ability to open an account or secure a loan without having to visit a branch.

Business /  • Sep 2013
Desjardins called too big to fail

Systemically important institutions must have enhanced oversight.

Business /  • Sep 2013
Two centrals partner for careers

SaskCentral and Central 1 launch national job-hunting site for credit unions.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
CUCC introduces information portal

A new database has been created for compliance monitoring.

Banking / Governance /  • Sep 2013
New banking competitor approved

Canadian First will provide one-stop shopping convenience through its locally owned financial centres.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Top tweeters

The Financial Brand tallies the credit unions most active in 140 characters.

Finance /  • Sep 2013
Seniors swamped in debt

Fifty-nine per cent of retired Canadians hold debt, according to a Harris/Decima study.

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