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5 tips for avoiding email slips

email etiquetteMost of us can probably identify with that sinking feeling that comes with realizing that we’ve pressed “Send” on a rogue email (read, “Sent …with regrets”).

Business etiquette expert Carey McBeth shares 5 tips for avoiding bloopers.

1. Proofread for errors and tone

“A big email faux pas is not double checking spelling, grammar and tone. There’s nothing worse than an email full of errors or one that comes across as sounding snippy or curt.”

2. Avoid the awkward

“Anything that would be a sensitive issue to discuss in person should never be discussed via email. Take the time to speak to the individual either via telephone or in person.”

3. Cut out the fat

“There is overuse of back-and-forth email in business today. A two-minute phone call will often get the answer you need.”

4. You’ve pressed send. Now what?

“Mistakes happen. We all make them. Don’t ignore yours or sweep them under the carpet. Take responsibility, rectify the situation and move forward.”

5. Watch what you broadcast

“Never do or say anything online or via email that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of a national newspaper.” ◊