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Finance / Technology /  • Jul 2014
Fishing for cash
How one credit union is crowdfunding to build community

How would you like to raise millions in just a five-week period for a project you’ve dreamt about?

Education / Finance /  • Jul 2014
The ABCs of dollars and cents
Teaching kids early the hard lessons about easy money

Ask children what they've been taught about how credit works or what compound interest is and you’re likely to draw a blank.

Finance / Sustainability /  • May 2014
Too good to fail
A new breed of financial services organization values ethics over the bottom line

After the crash of 2008, who could blame people for thinking a take-no-prisoners mentality is what banking is all about?

Economics / Finance /  • May 2014
Paying the IRS piper
A blunt-instrument U.S. tax law is stressing out Canadian credit unions and their members

FATCA has had a major effect on a million American nationals and their families living in Canada.

Finance / Technology /  • May 2014
Coin of no realm
Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency that's making waves as credit unions cautiously watch

Ottawa’s first Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) is being being visited by many patrons, all eagerly and easily interacting with it.

Finance / Governance /  • Mar 2014
The goods on governance guidelines
Working in the brave New World of regulation

The financial crisis of 2008 represented a nadir for U.S. regulators, which hadn't examined the risks banks were taking.

Finance /  • Mar 2014
In search of lost loonies
This is what happens when a credit union member's account goes dormant

It seems too good to be true: the idea that a few hundred dollars – maybe even a thousand or two – might be waiting for you in a forgotten account.

Finance /  • Jan 2014
Playing with a full deck
CUs are nimble. CUs are quick. But in one lightning-growth category, nearly every CU is missing a trick

Prepaid cards are a nasty con. Consumers are disgruntled, confused and poorer because of them. So says top headlines in the new media.

Finance /  • Nov 2013
Reversal of fortune
Seniors can unleash the equity in their homes – but should they?

Are reverse mortgages a smart choices for seniors or simply another path to deferring debt?

Finance /  • Mar 2013
Living on the edge
As insolvency rates in Canada rise, credit unions take a proactive approach to protecting at-risk members

Canadians are swimming in debt, and many are barely treading water.

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