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5 tech co-op ventures worldwide

From Bitcoin to Wikipedia, we round-up some major initiatives

Sept2015_F3_Inset_Fintech_[716x942]Cooperation in technology has a long history.

But it became became increasingly popular in the early 1980s, when developers started to pool their efforts to counter the monopoly-like behaviour of Microsoft at the time.

Here are some of the major initiatives.

1. The Tech Co-op Network

This is a collection of North American tech worker co-ops that provide media, communications and computer technology goods and services.

2. The Linux Foundation

This non-profit consortium is dedicated to advancing the use of Linux, one of the world’s most widely used free operating system software packages.

3. Open-sourced software collaborations

This term refers to organizations that make software available to the public for free to use and adapt as needed. Some of the more common applications are the Mozilla Firefox web-browser, the Thunderbird email package and the Apache server program.

For more on tech co-ops, read “Finessing Fintech,” Enterprise September 2015

 4. The Wikipedia Foundation

The online encyclopedia, which raises money, develops and deploys software, controls servers and supports the English Wikipedia, provides a perfect example of a cooperative venture, in that it leverages technology to benefit the wider community. The wiki model has been widely replicated.

5. The Bitcoin Foundation

Its mission is to “standardize, protect and promote the use of Bitcoin cryptographic money for the benefit of users worldwide.” ◊