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Finance /  • Mar 2014
In search of lost loonies
This is what happens when a credit union member's account goes dormant

It seems too good to be true: the idea that a few hundred dollars – maybe even a thousand or two – might be waiting for you in a forgotten account.

Business / Sustainability /  • Mar 2014
Sharpening the competitive edge
How cooperatives are standing their ground against encroaching for-profits

Toronto streets are dotted with eco-friendly cars that are available at mere dollars a day. Does this type of sharing represent a culture shift?

Governance / Human Resources /  • Jan 2014
How to succeed at succession
Finding – and keeping – the right mix of directors is a science and an art

The Canadian credit union system is light years ahead of it U.S. counterparts in addressing board issues, according to a report by Filene Research.

Finance /  • Jan 2014
Playing with a full deck
CUs are nimble. CUs are quick. But in one lightning-growth category, nearly every CU is missing a trick

Prepaid cards are a nasty con. Consumers are disgruntled, confused and poorer because of them. So says top headlines in the new media.

Health /  • Jan 2014
A healthy alternative
A robust network of cooperative clinics is helping Canadians maintain their well-being

Canada’s health care cooperatives mark 70 years, spurred on by a wave of growth as the agencies move into interesting new areas of public service.

Human Resources /  • Jan 2014
The disappearing glass ceiling
Credit unions are at the vanguard when it comes to female leadership

It’s late on a spectacular West Coast afternoon in October, but Tracy Redies’ workday is still far from over.

Finance /  • Nov 2013
Reversal of fortune
Seniors can unleash the equity in their homes – but should they?

Are reverse mortgages a smart choices for seniors or simply another path to deferring debt?

Business /  • Nov 2013
Tax attack
New levies on financial services cooperatives will hit members where they live

Credit unions have been hit with changes to the corporate tax that will have them pay the same tax rate charged to the country’s chartered banks.

Business /  • Sep 2013
Just-in-time executives
The appeal of interim C-suite personnel

High-profile C-suite temporary personnel work within the Canadian credit union system. So why the code of silence?

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Cheque-mating the banks
With new new technology, visiting a branch to deposit a cheque will soon be a thing of the past

Credit unions scoop the banks by launching a mobile app feature that allows members to deposit images of cheques using their smartphone camera.

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