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Banking / Finance /  • July 1, 2015
Time machine: Enterprise July 2001
Bill C-8 on financial sector reform gets royal assent

Reduced red tape opening the doors for credit unions to set up a national structure.

Banking / Finance /  • May 1, 2015
U.K. churches take on payday lenders
A newly formed credit union plans to help boost credit unions

Clergy and church workers become advocates for credit unions in their communities.

Education / Finance /  • Mar 2015
Access to educational funding gets easier

Meridian (264,000 members, $9.5 billion in assets) and Vancity (501,000 members, $12.5 billion in assets) have put their support behind SmartSAVER.

Finance /  • Jan 2015
New score helps consumers establish credit

A new tool developed by Equifax Canada, promises to make it easier for credit grantors to rate consumer applicants.

Finance / Technology /  • Nov 2014
Smiths Falls Community CU goes paperless

The Ontario credit union is Canada’s first financial institution to introduce branch capture.

Business / Finance /  • Nov 2014
Mergers build momentum

Credit unions enter merger talks in both B.C. and Ontario.

Finance /  • Sep 2014
Desjardins one of world’s strongest banks

Bloomberg rates powerful banks worldwide; Canada has strong showing.

Finance /  • Sep 2014
Financial literacy focuses on seniors

Older Canadians, not youth, are the targets of FCAC's plan.

Finance /  • Jul 2014
Ontario credit unions join forces

Strength in numbers? Three pairs of credit unions team up in Ontario.

Finance /  • Jul 2014
New regs for prepaid cards

The fine print on prepaid cards just got a bit bigger thanks to new regulations that came into force on May 1, 2014.

Finance / Governance /  • May 2014
Ontario a step closer to tightening rules for financial advisers

Financial advisors in Ontario will now face stronger scrutiny.

Economics / Finance /  • May 2014
Average RRSP contribution down $26

The average RRSP contribution was $3,518 this year, down $26 from last year, according to a recent survey conducted by Pollara.

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