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This past May, the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) announced the recipients of the 2018 National Credit Union Awards. Handed out at the CCUA National Conference in Toronto, the awards honoured the positive impact on communities by credit unions and their leaders.

Hall of Fame

Henry Jansen, a 40-year credit union veteran, was inducted into the CCUA’s Hall of Fame. A resident of Chilliwack, BC, Jansen, now retired, was a long-time board member of First West Credit Union (250,000 members, $11 billion in assets). Jansen spent 38 years working on the First West board and played a major role in numerous mergers and key events in the credit union’s history.

Innovation Award

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (523,000 members, $21.7 billion in assets), was given the Innovation Award for the Vancity Fair & Fast Loan, which offers an easy online alternative to payday loans for members.

Best of Marketing Award

Libro Credit Union (104,000 members, $7.2 billion in assets) received the Best of Marketing Award for the redesign of its website.

Community Economic Development Award

Libro Credit Union received the National Credit Union Community Economic Development Award for its Libro Cluster program to help create jobs, support self-employment and entrepreneurship and build money smarts in Ontario.

Social Responsibility Award

East Coast Credit Union (41,000 members, $700 million in assets) won the Social Responsibility Award for its commitment to substantially reducing its environmental footprint through the Building Stronger Communities Through Sustainable Practices initiative.

Learning Excellence

First West Credit Union (240,000 members, $11.9 billion in assets) was given the Learning Excellence Award for its Invest in People – First West Certification Program, an engaging learning platform for both seasoned and new employees.

National Young Leaders

Five young credit union employees were feted for their exceptional contributions to credit unions and the credit union system.

Teri Buckley, Connect First Credit Union (100,000 members, $5 billion in assets). Buckley also received a $10,000 scholarship to attend a university leadership development program.

Matthew Waynert, Innovation Credit Union (53,000 members, $3.06 billion in assets).

Maggie Leung, Alterna Savings Credit Union (133,300 members, $4.2 billion in assets).

Marianne Jurzyniec, Affinity Credit Union (139,000 members, $6.5 billion in assets).

Chris Inniss, AWCCU Financial (12,880 mem- bers, $416 million in assets). ◊