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Luminus supports Ontario’s Filipino Community

New program provides members with security, convenience and better exchange rates

George De La Rosa, Luminus  FinancialOntario’s Filipino community will get a $20,000 boost in addition to the support it receives through Luminus Financial’s Remit Now, Pay Later program.

The program was awarded $10,000 by Concentra Financial through its Concentra emPOWERING Your Communities campaign, which recognizes individual credit unions. Luminus announced it would match the $10,000 award, thus doubling the amount.

“Luminus saw a great opportunity to better serve the growing Filipino community,” said George De La Rosa, CEO of Luminus Financial.

“These individuals needed more security, convenience and better exchange rates for their hard-earned dollars. The Remit Now, Pay Later program seeks to provide them with peace of mind, knowing their money will get to their loved ones securely at any time of day or night.” ◊