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One-third of Canadian’s hooked by phishing scams

More than 84 per cent of Canadians surveyed have been on the receiving end of phishing scams and 31 per cent of those took the bait, reveals a survey commissioned on behalf of Visa Canada. Few Canadians are aware of the types of scams, such as these below:

  • 13% Clone phishing: An authentic email that was previously sent to the recipient is cloned and the attachment or link is replaced with a malicious version.
  • 11% Spear phishing: Scams are directed at specific people or companies, often using personal information gathered about the target.
  • 10% Vishing: The scammer phones, pretending to be someone the target knows.
  • 7% Whaling: Whaling is directed at high-profile business owners or executives. ◊