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Powerline Films secures funding

A feature documentary about Canada’s cooperative movement has just received a much needed injection of cash from the Atkinson Decent Work Fund grant program, which will enable the film to be completed.

Ontario’s Powerline Films has been working on A Silent Transformation for more than two years (See “Screen time,” Enterprise, January 2016). The documentary is an exploration of Canadian cooperatives in Ontario, in particular, and explores the “transformative possibilities of the cooperative model of business,” according to co-director Simon Brothers. Together with the Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada, Powerline Films submitted a joint proposal to the Atkinson Foundation detailing how the film can educate the public on this more democratic economic model and address income inequality.



Powerline Films and On Co-op are showing a sneak preview of scenes from A Silent Transformation on Thursday, September 8th at The Bookshelf Cinema.

This sneak peek is an invitation for all supporters of film and the co-operative movement to help celebrate the completion of filming, of what will become a feature-length documentary about the transformative power of the co-operative business model. The team is now working on final edits and enhancements, including music and special effects for a fall debut. Any sector support for these final touches is welcome by the film makers. 

 The event will run from 4:30 to 7:00pm and a small cocktail reception will take place following the screening.