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Time Machine: Enterprise, February 1969

The residential real estate market in Canada is always on the brink of boom or bust, depending on whom you talk to. But turn the clock back almost 50 years and affordability was still an issue, especially in B.C. In 1969, Enterprise published an opinion piece entitled, “Housing: Some opinions of the past, present and future.” Here’s an excerpt:

Read the feature “Bubble Talk” for an analysis of where Canada’s hot housing market is headed.

“Estimates are that today a person wishing to purchase a home must have an income of at least $8,000 per annum. However, the average home in British Columbia is about $6,000. Single people earning incomes of $4,000 per year or less are trapped between a desire for a home of their own, even if it be a rented room or suite, and ever increasing rents. All people all all income levels — married or not — are entitled to adequate housing.”

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