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Vancity shrinks carbon footprint

Big numbers, big change for Vancity's waste heat.

Rebuilding a heating system sounds like an expensive and taxing undertaking. But once Vancity (509,000 members, $18.6 billion in assets) realized it could capture and reuse waste heat, minimizing its carbon footprint became a top priority. Even better, the new system will pay for itself in about four-and-a-half years. Here are the impressive results of Vancity’s eco efforts:

  • 536,640 gallons: Water saved annually by replacing 48 bathroom faucets with automatic faucets.
  • 837 tonnes: GHG emissions reduced through recycling and composting.
  • 95%: Reduction in natural gas consumption.
  • 75%: Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  • 82%: Waste generated at HQ recycled (2014).
  • $37K: Annual savings in natural gas costs.
  • $251,000: Cost of new heating system, including installation.
  • $85,000: Energy rebate from Fortis BC.
  • 52 tonnes: GHGs saved (equal to taking 11 cars off the road for a year!) by installing Interface® carpet in HQ.
  • 1.968 kg: Batteries recycled in 2014 at branches and offices. ◊