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Business / Human Interest /  • January 15, 2020
Home stay
Employees are demanding - and getting - flexible work arrangements that allow them to work from home.

Working from home has slowly become part of the present-day work lexicon. A flexible telecommuting policy allows employees to improve their work-life balance, which can be compromised by the stress of having to commute long hours to and from the off...

Human Interest /  • September 17, 2019
Battling plastic
With the almost-existential crisis that plastic pollution presents to the natural world, credit unions are finding ways to decrease dependence upon this environmental scourge.

Garbage – especially plastic waste — has become one of the most dire threats facing society as well as the natural world. Urban landfills are bursting at the seams while plastic waste is clogging the ocean and killing animal life, from the smalle...

Human Interest /  • July 17, 2019
A win-win situation
Clare Yazganoglu, the executive director of WIN, the Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative, helps struggling single parents achieve independence.

Clare Yazganoglu, executive director of Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative, discusses how her organization helps those in dire circumstances.

Human Interest /  • June 11, 2019
Free falling
Globetrotter and bouldering aficionado Sam Beardsell says that to get ahead, you have to prepare to fall.

In the world of rock climbing, falling is par for the pitch. If you’re not falling, you’re not advancing. “It’s always going to happen — you can’t hold on any longer and just have to let go,” says Sam Beardsell, a member of Wi...

Human Interest /  • May 30, 2019
Parsing productivity
In a world filled with distractions, the solutions to boosting workplace productivity often have nothing to do with key performance indicators.

Work smarter, not harder. It's the productivity goal for all offices and an ongoing puzzle for managers — and employees — everywhere. The trick is finding just the right balance: efficiency and expertise at work and time left over for a rewarding...

Human Interest /  • April 5, 2019
Peace of mind
The idea that practicing “mindfulness” can lead to more focused and collaborative workers is just beginning to catch on at credit unions.

Search "mindfulness" on the Internet and you get a flood of definitions, almost all of them about how an individual can find peace and calm in a harried world. But a University of British Columbia research group has stepped back and examined how this...

Business / Human Interest /  • March 14, 2019
Coast Capital Savings Credit Union member and egg producer Steve Easterbrook fought for humane living conditions for chickens in British Columbia.

Have you bought a dozen eggs lately? If so, you might have noticed that the choices - free run, free range, pastured, cage free, furnished cage, nest laid, organic, humanely raised and many combinations thereof — are vast and confusing. ...

Business / Human Interest /  • January 25, 2019
Seniors wanted
In Canada, more people over the age of 65 are choosing to work part or even full-time. Can senior workers still be valuable employees for credit unions?

Last fall, Tochi Sandhu celebrated his 78th birthday. The auspicious event wasn’t — unlike many people who have reached this age — a break from the mundane routine of retirement. Rather, it was another notch in a remarkable career: Sa...

Human Interest /  • November 15, 2018
Bare minimum
With Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot being cancelled, credit unions are embarking upon initiatives to help boost living wage levels in the province.

Communities across Canada are responding to increasingly high levels of low-wage poverty. They are advocating that families should earn an income sufficient — the so-called living wage — to pay for the basic necessities of life. ...

Business / Human Interest /  • July 18, 2018
For the love of burgers
With the backing of Morell Credit Union, Quentin Gillis and Tanya O’Brien have become Prince Edward Island’s most acclaimed purveyors of burger and fries.

Prince Edward Islanders might be partial to potatoes but they are even bigger fans of burgers. So much so, the province is home to a wildly popular, month-long festival called PEI Burger Love. “I don’t think anyone counts calories on PEI...

Human Interest / Leadership /  • June 15, 2018
Step up
Conexus Credit Union in Saskatchewan has embraced the #MeToo movement.

The #MeToo movement was sparked last October by the media firestorm that swept Hollywood following a raft of sexual assault allegations levelled against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Since then, it has spread swiftly through workplaces acr...

Health / Human Interest /  • April 8, 2018
The path to wellness
There are many factors affecting employee wellness and financial stress is one of them. However, there are also many things a credit union can do to help staff cope with life’s challenges.

Employees across industries report being more stressed than ever before. Interestingly, employers appear more ready than ever to listen — and to assist. Workplaces where, even just a few years ago, “wellness” meant only the odd pe...

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