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Marketing / Technology /  • January 19, 2016
The future of finance
4 ways to make online tools and apps accessible

Mobile banking apps, spending trackers, and smartwatches — technology is on the fast-track, disrupting financial services and enticing us with promises of seamless banking. But rein in your enthusiasm and take a long, hard look at all those inno...

Marketing /  • September 1, 2015
Building long-term loyalty
Maintaining membership calls for a fierce allegiance to your brand

Authenticity helps members maintain a genuine interest in your brand.

Marketing /  • July 1, 2015
The Yelp factor
Controlling your online rep has become increasingly crucial – and complex

Minding your business has new meaning when it comes to social media and the immediacy of the Internet.

Marketing /  • May 1, 2015
The value of a well-told story
It doesn’t take Shakespeare’s talent or Spielberg’s budget to produce great content

By sharing stories credit unions can increase awareness in the community and ultimately draw new members in.

Marketing /  • Mar 2015
Marketing mashup
Generation isn’t everything when targeting membership

Millennials don’t watch network TV or read newspapers, right? So credit unions should save marketing brochures for technophobic Baby Boomers?

Finance / Marketing /  • Jan 2015
Luring the high-net-worth client
How credit unions can compete to reach those with significant assets

It’s the club everyone wants to belong to – and every financial institution is clamouring to serve: the high-net-worth investor.

Education / Marketing /  • Nov 2014
Seminal seminars
Educational sessions not only help members and potentials, they're good for marketing, too

People walk into a credit union to open accounts for many reasons, so it’s often hard to track what prompts them. Here's one member's motivation.

Marketing /  • May 2014
Strength before distinction
A marketing expert says compete first, then talk about your good works

Conventional wisdom has it that credit unions must set themselves apart in the financial marketplace.

Banking / Marketing /  • Mar 2014
Time for fee-based trading?
A new wealth-management business model may help keep CUs competitive

Competing against the Big Banks has never been easy. Can expanding services and scope help CUs compete?

Finance / Marketing /  • Jan 2014
No second chances at first impressions
Credit unions' focus on service excellence presents opportunities and challenges

Like a hostess with a new dinner guest, you will be tempted to show off the entire menu of financial services – but resist.

Marketing /  • May 2013
Share with care
The art of crafting a social media policy

Social media is a great way to build relationships with business partners, customers and the wider public.

Marketing /  • Mar 2013
The world in pictures: using infographics
Keep eyes on important information by telling a more visual story

Every picture tells a story, but infographics take that story to a whole new level.

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