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Risk Management / Technology /  • December 1, 2015
The high stakes of a data breach
Hackers thrive on stolen information. Is your credit union protected?

Last August, husbands and wives took to the Internet to check up on their spouses.

Banking / Technology /  • September 1, 2015
Finessing FinTech
Can credit unions partner with tech co-ops to meet disruption head-on?

Financial services disruptors pose a growing threat to traditional bricks-and-mortar providers.

Banking / Technology /  • September 1, 2015
Bright idea central
A innovation lab at the Filene Research Institute is inspiring leaders

Evolve or become obsolete: the strong message encourages financial services co-ops to keep innovating.

Technology /  • September 1, 2015
5 tech co-op ventures worldwide
From Bitcoin to Wikipedia, we round-up some major initiatives

Cooperation in technology has had a long history.

Business / Technology /  • July 16, 2015
Betting big on big data
A tsunami of info is flooding credit unions. How can they make the most of it?

Chris Catliff has seen the future for credit unions and it looks more like a Four Seasons Hotel or an old-fashioned village butcher than it does a traditional financial institution. Catliff, president and CEO of B.C.-based BlueShore Financial (40,...

Business / Technology /  • May 1, 2015
Million-member cooperatives
Crowdsourcing proves thousands of heads are often better than one

Thousands of online organizations are using crowdsourcing in new and exciting ways.

Technology /  • Sep 2014
Dawn of the digital wallet
Credit unions assess another disruptive innovation

Will new payment technologies revolutionize the way people discover, research, choose, purchase and repurchase products?

Finance / Technology /  • Jul 2014
Fishing for cash
How one credit union is crowdfunding to build community

How would you like to raise millions in just a five-week period for a project you’ve dreamt about?

Finance / Technology /  • May 2014
Coin of no realm
Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency that's making waves as credit unions cautiously watch

Ottawa’s first Bitcoin Teller Machine (BTM) is being being visited by many patrons, all eagerly and easily interacting with it.

Technology /  • Sep 2013
Cheque-mating the banks
With new new technology, visiting a branch to deposit a cheque will soon be a thing of the past

Credit unions scoop the banks by launching a mobile app feature that allows members to deposit images of cheques using their smartphone camera.

Technology /  • May 2013
Playing the game
Gamification has become serious business

While it all seems fun and light-hearted, gamification is serious business.

Banking / Technology /  • May 2013
What’s next in FinTech?
Wait! What the heck is FinTech?

If you surveyed venture capitalists who invest in technology today, they would tell you that one of the most exciting areas to invest in is FinTech.

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