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Desjardins and Assiniboine tops in customer service

The 2016 Surviscor Service Level Assessment review named Quebec-based Desjardins Group (seven million members, $261 billion in assets) alongside BMO Bank of Montreal as the country’s two top financial firms
when it comes to the best customer service experience. Manitoba’s Assiniboine Credit Union (115,000 members and $4.3 billion in assets) rounded up the top three financial institutions in Canada.

Now in its 12th year, Surviscor’s review looked at more than 40 Canadian digital banking, credit union and brokerage firms, using 170 “mystery shopper” service enquiries over the course of a year. It was determined that Desjardins had the quickest response time to enquiries.

Glenn LaCoste, president of Surviscor, a North American leader in the analysis and ranking of digital customer experiences at firms, stated in a media release that although “Canadian consumers are being offered more customer service alternatives than ever before, including social media, live digital interactions and traditional methods [they] are not being properly serviced through non-branch interactions provided by leading banks and credit unions.” ◊