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North Shore turns Blue, Libro/United retain Libro name

What’s in a name? In recent years many credit unions have tinkered with their brands – some dropping any reference to being a credit union, or selecting something non-traditional, such as Boomerang in Ontario.

Now three large credit unions have decided to make changes. As North Shore Credit Union grew in British Columbia, it became convinced it was being held back by its name. The credit union had expanded beyond the North Shore across from Vancouver and wanted to reflect that in its brand.

Becoming BlueShore Financial communicates the organization’s ability to serve a broader market. BlueShore Financial has 12 branches across Vancouver, Burnaby, North and West Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

In Ontario, as Libro Financial Group and United Communities Credit Union move toward a merger, slated to close January 1, 2014, they faced the decision of what to call the new larger organization. The answer is Libro Credit Union, which retains the Libro brand, but adds the credit union designation. It’s not a big change, since Libro’s legal name has been Libro Credit Union Ltd. ◊