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Time machine: Enterprise, March 1982

A look back at ATMs in the 1980s

A feature on technology and ATMs published in the March/ April 1982 issue of Enterprise promised readers “a very valuable glimpse” into the future.

The followinMar2015-CNG-ATM-MichaelPowers-11842312-[358x420]g excerpt includes research findings from an expert and associate professor of marketing at a U.S. university, who was a keynote at the Automation and Technology Conference, held in Vancouver:

  • Research indicates that as ATM usage increased, the need for live tellers increases.
  • People trust the robot to give them money but not to take their money.
  • ATMs are 79% cash dispensers. People go to the live teller when they want to deposit funds.

Another article in the magazine noted that Alberni District Credit Union was the first in B.C. to install an ATM (none of the town’s banks had one), which was first used on June 11, 1980. The machine was particularly popular on Mondays. Members lined up to use the ATM so they could start their shopping at Woodward’s on $1.49 Day before the credit union opened at 10 a.m. ◊