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Banking / Risk Management /  • May 22, 2018
Opportunity knocks
On Jan.1, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions put stricter borrowing rules in place for homeowners. The new rules, however, don’t apply to credit unions. Should credit unions capitalize upon this, or practice strict prudence?

Strict new borrowing rules don’t apply to credit unions. Should prudence prevail?

Economics /  • May 10, 2018
The elephant in the room
Credit unions, especially those invested in auto, steel, softwood lumber and dairy exports, are keeping a close eye on the flip flops, uncertainty and bluster being trumpeted in Washington, DC over NAFTA.

The imbroglio in Washington, DC has some credit unions on tenterhooks.

Sustainability /  • April 13, 2018
Greener branches
Credit unions that have undertaken initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their branches are finding that small changes can have a big impact.

Buildings are a source of greenhouse gas emissions. Some credit unions are taking steps to rectify this.

Human Interest / Risk Management /  • April 2, 2018
Insurance against disaster
Extreme weather events, linked to climate change, are forcing credit unions and their members to look hard at their personal and home insurance to better prepare for increasing risk.

Extreme weather events, from hurricanes to floods and fires, are challenging the insurance industry.

Banking / Sustainability /  • March 17, 2018
Wary of green
Offering green financial products may make a credit union look and feel good but, crucially, will it boost the bottom line? The answer is more complex than you might think.

There has to be a solid business case for offering green financial products at credit unions.

Finance / Sustainability /  • March 1, 2018
Investing powerhouse
The creation of Aviso Wealth is setting up the credit union system to become a major player in the growing area of responsible investing.

Responsible investing is being embraced after years of being shunted off to the sidelines.

Finance / Risk Management /  • February 15, 2018
Getting Burned
Credit unions are trying to help young people find a way into Toronto's and Vancouver's overheated housing markets.

What chance do young people have of getting into Toronto and Vancouver’s overheated housing markets?

Banking /  • February 1, 2018
Money on the fly
Billions of dollars pour out of Canada every year in in remittance payments to countries around the world. Although credit unions are minor players in this area, recent initiatives indicate this is changing.

Remittance payments are a billion-dollar growth opportunity for credit unions serving ethnic communities.

Business / Finance /  • January 23, 2018
Small Loans Big Payback
Lending to new Canadians or promising startups helps give budding entrepreneurs a leg up while helping build long-term member loyalty.

New entrepreneurs rely not only on micro loans to get their businesses up and running but specialized programs and advice.

Community Development / Human Interest /  • January 3, 2018
Building Better Communities
Credit unions can take the lead on helping newcomers to Canada begin the difficult process of integration.

Credit unions can help new Canadians, who face many long-term integration challenges.

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