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Risk Management / Technology /  • November 22, 2016
The new security risk?
How IT can balance convenience and control with BYOD

Sixty-nine per cent of Canadian companies permit some form of BYOD (bring your own device) — meaning anything from laptops accessing databases every day to iPhones occasionally checking work email — according to a survey by market intelligence fi...

Leadership /  • November 9, 2016
Global reach
Humble beginnings led Monique Leroux to become a financial powerhouse

When Monique Leroux, former Desjardins Group president and CEO, was growing up in Montreal, two transformational events happened that laid the foundation for a life of financial leadership and innovation. Her father, an accountant in a finan...

Finance /  • October 25, 2016
Will millennials spur growth in responsible investments?
A new survey predicts millennials will spur growth in responsible investments (RI)

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Business / Human Resources /  • October 13, 2016
Rules of Engagement
Navigating the minefield of social media in the workplace

Are you on social media? If so, human resources consultant Morgan Kemick cautions, “There’s no online privacy. Someone at work — your boss, your colleagues — is reading your posts." Social media gives credit unions a ...

Marketing /  • September 22, 2016
Best in show
International ad campaigns showcase the power of a good idea

The marketing campaign that goes viral is a thing of beauty. Sometimes it’s a big- budget extravaganza (think Budweiser at the Super Bowl), but more often than not the most successful campaigns grab the viewer’s attention purely because they’re...

Education / Finance /  • September 7, 2016
The mind field
An American think tank is revolutionizing the credit union industry

Think. Do. Change. The slogan for Madison, Wisconsin's Filene Research Institute is an appropriate one. A think tank and non-profit rolled into one, Filene's 28 employees, contractors, and interns have come together for one singular mission - to m...

Finance / Risk Management /  • August 29, 2016
Risky business
A deep dive on how CUs can manage risk when providing financial services to MSBs

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Community Development / Marketing /  • August 9, 2016
Summertime connections
Mix work with play to make the most of an all-too-short season

Sweet, sweet summertime. Members are staying away from branches in droves, so how can a credit union engage its community when everyone just wants to grab a little family time? Meet members when they’re at play, mixing business with pleasure and bu...

Human Interest / Human Resources /  • July 19, 2016
Conscious coupling
What to do when Cupid’s arrow lands at work

When sparks fly at the office what is the company to do?

Business / Community Development /  • July 12, 2016
B Corps are better for business
OMISTA Credit Union is generating higher returns while creating more value for its members

OMISTA Credit Union’s AGM, simulcast in Fredericton and Moncton in New Brunswick this past April, presented far more than just the 2015 financial results. Community business leaders also gave presentations to members and staff, focusing on one part...

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